National Interest Waiver Petitions

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At The Harrington Law Firm, we help clients from Connecticut, Massachusetts and across the United States prepare and file Second Preference (EB-2) National Interest Waiver Petitions.

A National Interest Waiver (NIW) petition falls into the employment-based immigration second preference (EB2) category. Normally, a permanent job offer and approved labor certification are pre-requisites to file an employment-based second preference immigration petition. However, with a National Interest Waiver Petition, the USCIS may waive the permanent job offer requirement if it is the national interest to do so.

In order to file an NIW petition, a candidate with an "advanced degree" or "exceptional ability" must be able to persuasively demonstrate that he/she seeks employment in an area of substantial intrinsic merit to the U.S., that the benefit from the candidate's proposed activity will be national in scope, and that the requirement of a Labor Certification for the candidate will adversely affect the national interest.

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