Visas for Health Care Workers

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At The Harrington Law Firm, we help clients from Connecticut, Massachusetts and across the United States deal with immigration cases involving petitioning for Health Care Worker Visas.

Are you in the health care field and in need of qualified health care workers to fill key nursing and medical staff positions? The U.S. government makes it possible to hire foreign health care workers to fill medical positions that can't be filled with local American workers. Harrington Law Firm LLC., can help hospitals and other health care facilities successfully apply for H-1B or L-1A work visas for educated and skilled working professionals. This includes registered nurses and physical therapists who are exempt under Schedule A from the PERM Labor Certification process.

The reason that registered nurses and others are exempt from the Labor Certification process is that Congress has determined these workers are in short supply in the US. Therefore, health care providers and hospitals can file I-140 Immigration Worker Petitions directly for these workers with USCIS.

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