Federal Court Litigation for
Immigration Matters

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Massachusetts and Connecticut Immigration Lawyer

Federal immigration laws and regulations often create confusion. Disputes regarding delayed applications and decisions are common between the USCIS and the people trying to obtain an immigration benefit. Sometimes, filing a lawsuit in Federal Court to overturn or enjoin an unlawful denial of an immigration application or seeking a Writ of Mandamus to compel the Government to act on a delayed green card or citizenship application is necessary to protect your rights.

At The Harrington Law Firm we are experienced litigators with extensive courtroom experience handling immigration litigation matters of all types. Some Forms of these Federal Court Litigation for Immigration Matters are:

- Relief for unlawfully denied immigration applications
- Writ of mandamus to force action on an application
- Family visa application denial
- Employment visa application disputes
- Immigration and removal litigation
- Employer Sanction and Sanctions defense
- Denied asylum litigation

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