Child Status Protection Act

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At The Harrington Law Firm we help clients from Connecticut and Massachusetts deal with family immigration cases involving the Child Status Protection Act.

The Child Status Protection Act was enacted to address the problem of children losing their eligibility for immigration benefits because they had aged-out as a result of processing delays.

Before 2002, children (those under the age of 21 and unmarried) applying for a green card needed to complete the application process before turning 21, or they would "age out". Often, this would happen through no fault of their own, but rather due to administrative delays by United States immigration processing.

The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) was passed in 2002, recognizing that "children" who turned 21 during the processing of their visa applications were being denied. With the passing of the CSPA, children who turn 21 during the processing of their visa application have legal options to maintain their child status.

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